SNA and National Dairy Council: Partners for Student Wellness


About the Program

Getting Started?

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Getting the kit is the first step to engaging your team and stakeholders.

Introducing: Fuel Up to Play 60

 Download this powerpoint presentation  (ppt), complete with notes. Show this presentation to other adult stakeholders in your school or district. Get them on board to help you engage students and implement the program in your school!

How to Earn CEUs

The first step to earning CEUs with Fuel Up to Play 60 is to sign up for the program. While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, you can start to learn more about the program on and become familiar with the specific CEU opportunities below. Each of these activities can be used for one CEU, approved by SNA. SNA members may choose to conduct some or all of these activities. They are listed in the order that they will typically occur as Fuel Up to Play 60 is implemented in your school. Specific documentation requirements included under each potential activity.
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