Send a Letter to Your Supervisor

Dear Boss: Send me to CNIC in Orlando!

Your district, like many others, is likely looking for ways to reduce costs and to ensure that the money spent to meet students’ needs goes as far as possible. In these tough economic times, your supervisor may need to know why attending the 2012 Child Nutrition Industry Conference (CNIC) in Orlando is a smart investment for your school nutrition program. This year’s CNIC will help you "Create Your Roadmap for Change," so that you can guide your program through the most complex challenges on today's bumpy school nutrition road.

SNA has created a letter template to help make your supervisor aware of how your district will benefit from your attendance at CNIC.

Letter template for you to submit to your supervisor

Download the template letter to your supervisor (doc) that you can submit to your boss to let him/her know about how important it is that you attend CNIC 2012. Feel free to tailor the information to your district’s needs. Do you usually communicate by email? Then just cut and paste the information into an email. Be sure to include the CNIC meetings website in your email