ANC 2011 Edu Session hdr


2:15 pm - 3:15pm

Processing Procurement Prep
Learn how to write a bid or request for proposal, including net-off-invoice or fee- for-service processing options. The session will include an overview of federal guidance for value-pass-through options and a discussion about the revolving role of distributor agreements with receiving agents to resolve issues when commodities are not accounted for. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, I

The Proposed School Meal Patterns
Learn about the newly released proposed rule on school meal patterns. Discussion will highlight specific changes and provide a look ahead at the anticipated process toward a final rule. Intended Audience: All

Rethink the Drink: The Health Impact of Student Beverage Choices
Experts will share surprising facts about the beverages kids are drinking, not only at school, but on the run and at home, and hear how these choices impact their calorie and sugar intake, as well as the nutrient gap that exists in their diets today. Learn how beverage choices made in your cafeteria can make a difference in overall nutrition. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S

Strike Gold With the HealthierUS School Challenge
Leaders from Mississippi, many of whom were part of the kick off of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign, will share the stories, challenges and successes of their quest for gold through the HealthierUS School Challenge. Follow their lead by hearing how they transformed their schools into hubs of nutrition excitement for children, parents and staff. Intended Audience: All

2011 Legislative Activities Update
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is now law! This session will highlight some of the primary provisions in the law, as well as provide an opportunity to discuss how SNA members and industry partners can work to educate and re-educate the new and returning members of the 112th Congress. Whether you represent a school or a business, your participation in Association efforts is critical. Intended Audience: All

Linking Leadership to Professional Development
Do you want to become involved in association leadership at the local, state or national level but feel you don’t have the time or the expertise to run for office? Come hear how SNA leaders got their start and how you can get your feet wet with SNA or other organizations. Also, learn how being active in leadership can help advance your career. Intended Audience: All

Put Down the Whistle: Handling Problem Employees
Do problematic employees and workplace conflict leave you feeling more like a referee than a team leader? Well, put down the whistle and get the knowledge you need to tackle these serious situations in a professional and effective fashion. This humorous session will guide you through examples of managerial challenges to show you common mistakes and what to do when nothing else works. Intended Audience: M, D, MC

SNA Certification & SNS Credentialing 101
Do you have questions about certification, trainer certification or the SNS Credentialing Program? Get the answers from SNA’s Certification & Credentialing Manager, who will provide an overview of the requirements and application process, as well as upcoming program changes. Come be a part of the growing number of certified/credentialed professionals nationwide! Intended Audience: All

NSLW 2011: School Lunch—Let’s Grow Healthy
Are you looking to make National School Lunch Week (NSLW) 2011 your most successful celebration yet? Learn more about the “School Lunch—Let’s Grow Healthy” theme and the SNA tools available to you, and hear how you can increase media awareness of your event. Plus, members will be on hand to share idea “seedlings” of their planned celebrations to help you sprout your own fresh and fun celebration. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

Ready, Set, Cook and EAT!
How do you effectively engage students and parents to improve your program? Why not host a Ready, Set, Cook and Eat™ event, which brings healthy eating and food skills to life in an entertaining way by featuring a student cook-off. Learn how to pull such an event together in your school or district and, best of all, how to use it to glean new ideas for school menus. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S, C

3:30 pm - 4:30pm
Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck
Learn which items give you the best value for commodity processing from a financial and/or nutrition perspective. At the conclusion, you should understand how to maximize your entitlement dollars and compare pricing using yields and other critical bid specifications. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, I

Great Trays: Innovative Solutions in School Nutrition
Minnesota’s Great Trays Partnership is a cutting-edge program focused on the purchasing and procurement of nutritious foods and farm-to-school products. Great Trays also offers skills-based workshops on menu planning for school nutrition managers. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, I

Keys to Successful Cooperative Purchasing for Smaller Districts
Come discover the critical steps for creating or improving school nutrition purchasing groups for small- to medium-sized districts. Strategies will be provided on how to incorporate technology in the bidding process, as well as examples of bid document and specifications. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, I

NEW! Moving the Needle: Getting Kids to Eat Healthier Foods
With all of the current efforts underway to curb childhood obesity, is anything really working? Are moms shifting their behaviors in the types of foods they are buying for their children? What changes have taken place in the retail food market to engage kids in healthier eating? Are kids getting the message about the importance of nutrition and making changes in their diet? Come hear about the results of recent research conducted by The Family Room into these important questions and more. Intended Audience: All

Step up to HealthierUS Success
Are you ready to answer the call of the HealthierUS School Challenge? This initiative is a cornerstone of the “Let’s Move!” campaign. Come learn how you can become involved in these initiatives and how you can enhance your school meals program by successfully collaborating with chefs. Intended Audience: All

Building Bridges: Maximizing Your Program
Building a healthy school nutrition environment starts with establishing effective partnerships within your community. Come hear a discussion of the various ways to identify potential partners and learn how these collaborations can enhance your operation by bringing in additional resources and expanding your offerings to students. Intended Audience: D, MC

Is Provision 2 for You?
This session will provide an outline of how school food authorities can determine the feasibility of implementing Provision 2 of Universal Breakfast and Lunch Programs. Examples of successful implementation strategies will be provided. Benchmarking strategies also will be discussed so participants are aware of potential pitfalls and successes. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

Food, Farms and Fun
The State of Idaho has one of the most comprehensive farm-to-school programs in the nation. Come learn about a variety of proven strategies and approaches that have been implemented in schools throughout the state. The discussion will include a focus on purchasing local foods for school meals, marketing, nutrition education and school gardens. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S

Promoting Your School Food Revolution with Tray Talk
Come learn about the many SNA tools available to you, including the exciting TrayTalk PR campaign and website, that will help you promote your program, share your school nutrition successes and get the facts out about school meals. Gain tips on proactive outreach to educate parents, teachers, local leaders and reporters about your program, and learn how to rally the troops in your district to help you defend healthy meals! Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC  

Tried and True Tips for Communicating Clearly

You’re the child nutrition expert and you can lead the charge to provide healthful meals in schools. Communications experts will provide tips and tricks to help you secure your position as the school nutrition leader by communicating with confidence in a variety of situations. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, I


NOTE: All education sessions are subject to change. Refer to the onsite ANC Program Guide for specific session times and other details.