ANC 2011 Edu Session hdr


12:00 pm - 1:00pm

Best Practices for Handling Produce Safely in Schools
Representatives from USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service will share several training tools that address food safety and fresh produce; these include videos, fact sheets, scenarios, train-the-trainer materials and more. Take them home to teach your staff how to handle and serve produce safely, whether at mealtime, through the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program or in classroom demonstrations. Intended Audience: All

Everyone Plays a P.A.R.T. in Norovirus Control
Learn about P.A.R.T.—Prevent through good personal hygiene; Assemble a body-fluid clean-up kit; Respond correctly to a vomiting incident; Total clean-up after an incident—to develop a plan for preventing and responding to outbreaks caused by the norovirus. Implementation and monitoring of basic food safety practices is key to providing safe meals to students. Intended Audience: All

Simplify Your Work
Join Chef Cyndie Story, PhD, as she shares work simplification techniques designed to encourage participants to take time to plan their work and work their plan. Strategies to implement more scratch and semi-scratch cooking will be discussed and portions of the in-development State of Florida 2011 Work Simplification video training program will be shown. Intended Audience: All

2010 Dietary Guidelines and the Food Guidance System
Learn about the newly released USDA Food Guidance System and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Let’s review the development of the guidance tools and discuss how they can be used to plan healthier school meals. Intended Audience: All

DNA of the Kiwi: A la Carte Experiments with Dietary Guidelines
This interactive session will showcase how classroom science and math experiments can help promote messages of health and nutrition to students. Sample demonstrations, including “I SPY Digestion” and “DNA of the Kiwi,” will be presented. Whether you provide the demos or work with teachers, the program is a win-win for all and a great way to highlight your school meals program. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

When Earning an “F” in School Is a Good Thing
Gain new knowledge about fiber and its importance to children’s health. Examine the types of fiber and its sources, particularly fiber-filled whole grains, and pick up suggestions for easily incorporating fiber-rich foods into your menus. Getting an “F” in school meals equals nutrition success. Intended Audience: All

Creating the Total Leader: Five Surefire Success Secrets
Do you know how top executives use their visual image and the power of words to convey confidence instantly? What would it mean to your personal and professional success if you were to radiate even greater confidence, poise and authority? Keynote Speaker Janine Driver shares advice and insights in this special education session focused on “Executive Presence,” an essential pre-requisite for career advancement in all professions and at all levels. Learn to explode your confidence and get noticed! This session is part of the School Nutrition Foundation/Richard B. Russell Leadership Series made possible in part by the Georgia School Nutrition Association. Intended Audience: M, D, MC

NEW! First Connections for First Timers
Are you an ANC first timer and feeling a little overwhelmed? Are you itching to make connections with others in attendance? Well, nothing says “Welcome to ANC” like this session lead by veteran attendees who are eager to walk you through the A-Z’s of making the most of your conference experience. Get a rundown of the highlights and events and participate in sharing questions. Y’all don’t want to miss this fun networking session! Intended Audience: All

Making SMI Reviews Work for You
A successful School Meal Initiative (SMI) review starts long before the actual assessment takes place. Find out what is needed for the process and gather tips for pulling together the required documentation with ease. Also, discover how a team approach to the review ensures a winning assessment for both the school district and the state agency. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, C, I

NEW! The Building Blocks for a Successful Chef’s Move to Schools Launch
Join chefs from the SNA’s Chef’s Table initiative for an interactive discussion of how to develop standards for your school’s Chef’s Move program, including identification of: program goals; key performance indicators and metrics that will increase participation and highlight healthy food choices; best practices to establish partnerships and leverage community support; and successful marketing campaigns. Intended Audience: All

Winning Public Support for Healthy Eating in Schools
While resistance to healthy eating in schools has declined, concerns may still exist among students, parents and educators about cost, student choice, lack of appeal and the relative responsibilities of parents and schools. Learn to address these concerns with the proper counter arguments and find out what you can be doing to increase public support for school nutrition. Intended Audience: All

1:15 pm - 2:15pm

Farm to School Team Update
Get the latest updates from the USDA Farm to School Team and hear about the key takeaways from their farm-to-school site visits, including best practices, common barriers and possible solutions. Discuss what farm-to-school activities are happening in your region and learn from others exploring this opportunity. Intended Audience: All

NEW! New & Improved: SNA’s Supply Chain Toolkit
SNA is premiering its new and improved Supply Chain Toolkit at ANC! Come learn more about this customizable and secure web-based resource loaded with templates for budget planning, menu planning, procurement and more. Available for free to all SNA members, this toolkit will be revised and updated continuously to provide you with the information you need to achieve an efficient and effective supply chain. Intended Audience: M, D, MC

USDA Foods 101
Are you a director or supervisor new to the school nutrition profession? Are you an industry member new to the school segment and the USDA Foods commodity program? Come get the basics and be on your way to working with commodities in your operation or business. Also, pick up tips on how to manage inventory better and use entitlement dollars. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, I

A Place at the School Health Table
Gain insight into how collaboration between school nutrition and coordinated school health programs can be a win-win situation for schools, students and staff. Ideas for implementing innovative partnerships for nutrition education; working with children with special dietary needs; and operating fresh fruit and vegetable programs will be shared. Intended Audience: All

NEW! Coordinated School Health—Starring School Nutrition
School nutrition programs have a starring role in making Coordinated School Health (CSH) happen in our nation’s schools. How can YOU help drive the CSH strategy in your school? How can YOU improve the health and learning of your students? How can YOU gain community support for these efforts? Come learn more about CSH and hear from peers who have implemented a coordinated approach to school health with stellar outcomes. Intended Audience: E, M

All Voices Considered: A Collaborative Approach to Workforce Development
Building on its unique model and based on its groundbreaking research, the MassTERI team (Massachusetts’s Training, Evaluation, Research Initiative) has delivered a workforce development program in three districts in Massachusetts. Participants will learn how the team used their findings to create this research-based program and will delve into the intricacies of designing a participatory workforce-based model. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S, C

Coaching for Success: Empowering Your Employees
All you need to know about coaching your employees for success will be covered in this session. Learn how different characteristics of a leader/coach can impede or promote the effectiveness of any coaching plan. Walk away with practical coaching strategies that will engage and empower employees at all levels. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

NEW! I Knew I Was New...but WOW!
Designed for new directors, this session will connect you with the many resources at your disposal to help you find your footing in this new position and provide insight on using them to achieve success for you and your program. Plus, hear from seasoned directors how involvement in SNA meetings helped them take advantage of a wealth of information and make important connections. Bring your questions to this lively discussion! Intended Audience: D, MC

The Time Bandits Are Back!
Need tips to help you outsmart the little culprits that steal your time and keep you in a perpetual state of catch up? Don’t allow another day to be hijacked! Come to this session and pick up time management strategies that will give you an improved sense of control and leave you feeling more accomplished at the end of the day. Intended Audience: All

Make the Most of Your SNA Membership
Come find out about all the exciting benefits that come with being a member of SNA. You will learn how to take advantage of the many SNA online learning opportunities, get ideas on how to increase membership in your local and state associations and get jazzed about networking with your school nutrition peers. Intended Audience: All

NOTE: All education sessions are subject to change. Refer to the onsite ANC Program Guide for specific session times and other details.