ANC 2010 Ed Sessions

Pre-Conference | Sunday Monday | Tuesday Wednesday

* Denotes an Education Session that is being recorded to video. These sessions will be available online after the conference has ended.


8:30 am–9:30 am


Biometric Student ID: Practical Solutions for Accountability & Security
Come gain an understanding of how biometric finger scanning works and how to introduce such an ID system in your school. Learn how it can cost-effectively streamline daily operations in the cafeteria by speeding up lunch lines and reducing administrative tasks, while increasing reimbursements and simplifying audits. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S, C

Where Food Comes From and the Role of Technology
Understand the food production process and how innovation can improve the safety and quality of the food supply. Also, become familiar with new and emerging technologies, their purpose and application in producing nutritious, affordable food products. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S, C


Nutrition 101: Simple Facts Applied to School Meals
Come discover how a lesson in basic nutrition can be easily applied to your school nutrition program. Dr. Katie Wilson, SNS, will instruct participants in a fun, easy-to-understand process, which will help both employees and managers have a better understanding of basic nutrition so they can share the nutritional value of school meals with students. Intended Audience: E, M


Child Nutrition Directors: Leaders in Local Wellness Policy Implementation
This presentation will focus on the role of directors in developing and implementing local wellness policies. Participants will identify changes in school meal programs resulting from local wellness policy implementation and the role of a director in implementing nutrition guidelines for competitive foods. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, C

Improving Direct Certification
This session will cover effective strategies for improving direct certification in order to ease administrative burdens and bring more low-income children info the school meals program. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

The Forty “Thieves” of Foodservice *
The presentation will define “thieves”—from improper portion sizing to student shoplifters—and how to identify and stop them in your operation. Implementation methods to combat and eliminate the “thieves” will be discussed, including steps to empower the foodservice team to guard against recurrence. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC


Afterschool Snacking: Resources for You
A new toolklit can help you make the most of afterschool snacking. Featured SNA tools (sample menus, marketing ideas and nutrition education activities for students) can help increase program success. Walk away with operational and promotional tips from those already running established programs. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S

HealthierUS School Challenge
As part of First Lady Michelle Obama's “Let's Move!” initiative, SNA is partnering with USDA to expand the number of schools that meet the HealthierUS School Challenge. This session will bring you up to speed on what’s expected and show you how to engage key stakeholders so you, too, can apply for and attain the Healthier US Challenge School designation. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S

NFL and NDC Partner to Promote School Wellness
The Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) program, developed by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, demonstrates how healthy eating and physical activity together can promote a healthier school environment. Come hear examples of how FUTP60 has increased meal participation and reinforced the positive image of school nutrition, then learn how to utilize the School Nutrition Foundation’s Marketing 101 course to promote FUTP60 in your school. Intended Audience: M, D, MC

Presenting Marketing 101 Online
Come get a sneak peek at the School Nutrition Foundation's newest addition to SNA's School Nutrition University. Marketing 101 is a dynamic course that will help you create a great marketing plan, develop training ideas for staff members and run a successful program. Also, hear from the director of Manatee County (Fla.) School District and others who have successfully utilized the course. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S, C

9:45 am–10:45 am


Big Ideas for Farm to School
Tony Geraci, director of food services for Baltimore City (Md.) Public Schools, has implemented exciting, out-of-the-box solutions for incorporating farm to school initiatives into school meal services. Come learn from his experiences on how to get kids excited about the harvests of their own greenhouses and working farms! The session is filled with big ideas and successful outcomes. Intended Audience: All

Food Allergies: Policies & Procedures that Work
Learn the eight major food allergens and why accommodating them in the school environment is so important. The regulatory requirements regarding food allergies in today’s marketplace will be discussed. Prior to the conclusion of the presentation, participants will have completed a sample food allergy action plan. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, C

Today’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
Come to this session to keep up to date on developments in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). Presenters will provide guidance on key issues in FFVP implementation and administration, showcase demo materials in the FFVP toolkit and give an update on the FFVP evaluation currently underway. A Q&A opportunity will be included. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S


Welcoming Child Nutrition to the Student Achievement Planning Table
Learn about the factors that challenge academic achievement and the many ways that school nutrition and wellness programs can help to close the gap—especially for at-risk children. Strategies for demonstrating leadership in promoting the role of school nutrition will help you use what you learn to gain support for enhanced nutrition services, nutrition education and funding. Intended Audience: D, MC, S


Failure Is an Option
How can you keep your chin up in the face of an on-the-job mistake? Everything you need to know about learning from your mistakes will be covered in this session, including how to share your failures with others and how mistakes can actually improve the overall operation. Intended Audience: All

Leadership Qualities that Spell Success
No one is a born leader. The characteristics and skills of successful individuals in government, business, education and volunteer organizations develop over the years with training and practice. Come learn how to enhance your influence and voice in your district, community or volunteer association by learning how others have succeeded. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

Meal or No Meal
Are you ready to play Meal or No Meal? Then come on down to this session, where "contestants" will be selected from the audience to pit their knowledge of the National School Lunch Program against the "banker," vying for prizes and a chance to choose the million-dollar case. Consolation prizes include increased district revenue and the ability to pass the CRE with flying colors! Intended Audience: E, M


Big Bang Marketing!
Discover the three different formats for a district-wide marketing event involving special and unique foods not typically on the menu. Participants will learn several marketing channels they can tap within the school building. Use these to implement a unique district-wide event. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

NSBW 2011: School Breakfast Detectives
Need some clues for making National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) a success? Come to this session and discover the various SNA tools available to help you delight students with the “School Breakfast Detectives” theme. Members will be on hand to share how they increased program participation in 2010, as well as their sleuth-like plans for celebrating NSBW 2011. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

SNA Resources: Get Online and Get Involved
In this session, you will learn about the useful tools and resources available to members through the SNA website,, and its new professional communities. Also, hear how SNA is using social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more) and how you can become involved. Intended Audience: All

2:15 pm–3:15 pm


Keep Flavored Milk from Dropping out of Schools
Walk away from this session with the know-how to educate colleagues and other key influencers on the important contribution flavored milk provides in student diets and the negative impact eliminating these items would have on a district’s milk consumption. A Flavored Milk Action Kit will be distributed to help you further defend the role of flavored milk in overall nutrition. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S

Outside the School Lunch Box: Accommodating Students With Special Dietary Needs
Do you serve students with special dietary needs? This session, featuring a panel comprised of school nutrition personnel and family members who have managed the needs of these at-risk children, will provide participants with a better understanding of how to collaborate with school staff, parents, and students to provide a safe and healthy learning environment. Learn best practices for serving these students and understand the impact your actions have on key stakeholders. Intended Audience: All


A State Agency-supported NSLP Application: What Could Be Better?
Find out about Oregon Department of Education’s easy, paperless, secure online application that was developed with a USDA technology grant. Hear how the state’s largest district, Portland Public Schools, has used this application to improve efficiency and decrease printing and processing costs. Then, learn how your state could request the details to allow you to implement the program locally. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

All Voices Considered: Unions, Employees and Managers Assess Professional Development
Come join the MassTERI team (Massachusetts’s Training, Evaluation, Research Initiative) as they present their findings on the professional development needs of school nutrition personnel. Learn how they involved all voices (school nutrition personnel, directors and unions) in the exploration of these needs and hear about the model they developed. Participants will leave with resources that can be used to initiate a similar process in their own settings. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, C

Communicating with Tough Nuts
Establishing good communication with others in the workplace is essential to avoiding conflict while creating and promoting a team atmosphere. This presentation will review basic communication rules and identify personality traits and preferred ways to receive appreciation. Participants will walk away ready to develop better, more open workplace relationships. Intended Audience: All

SNA 2010 Legislative Activities and Update
Child Nutrition Reauthorization efforts continue and SNA has been at the forefront of seeking inclusion of Association priorities as part of that process. This session will highlight SNA's efforts, provide an update on the Reauthorization process and show you how you can assist in advocacy efforts to ensure a strong bill in 2010. Whether you represent a school or business, your role in these efforts is critical. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, C, I


Alternative Training Methods: Help When You Have No Money
Looking for ideas on how to accomplish your training objectives with little or no funds? With the help of this session, boosting the skills of your employees will seem a whole lot easier than you might think. Alternative training methods will be discussed with an emphasis on communication. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC 

Leadership in Community
Come learn from the experts! In this session, representatives from the PTA, health services and school nutrition communities will be on hand to offer tips and suggestions for recruiting allies in your community. Participants will learn tried-and-true tips for presenting to a school board, encouraging local activists to support initiatives and reaching out to area health care providers to become more proactive in promoting a healthier community. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, C, I

Raising the Bar for Healthy School Meals
You can serve school meals that meet the nutrition recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Institute of Medicine. Participants will hear success stories of proactive approaches in making healthful changes—and marketing and explaining these to your community. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S

Tools for Launching or Expanding Summer Feeding
Introducing a new summer feeding toolkit filled with SNA resources (sample menus, marketing plan, promotion ideas and nutrition education activities for students) to help you implement or enhance a summer feeding program. Walk away with new ideas and tips from those already running effective programs. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, S

Note: All education sessions are subject to change. Refer to the onsite ANC Program Guide for specific session times and other details.






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