Annual National Conference Presentations

The following education session presentations are grouped by the following key areas:

  • 1 - Operations
  • 2 - Nutrition
  • 3 - Administration
  • 4 - Communications and Marketing

Note: All presentations will be posted after Annual National Conference.

Title of Presentation

Key Area


Sunday July 11, 2010

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm    
Lunch Ladies to Chefs Yes We Can! (pdf)     1 Adam Simmons
Cooks for Kids: Cooking Green Across America (pdf)  2 Amy Casteel
Ignite a Healthy Enviroment! (pdf)  2 Julie Frank
Receiving & Your Bottom Line Little Things Make a Big Difference (pdf)  3 Beth Rice
Using a Team Approach to CRE (pdf)  3 Donna Caeg
Sally Spero
Responding to a Food Recall (pdf)  1 Jennie Snead
Recommendations to Requirements: Change is Coming (ppsx)  2 Marisol Benesch
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm    
Keys to Successful Cooperative Purchasing for Smaller Districts (zip)  1 Nancy Faucon
Timothy Goossens
Finding the Bright Side of Bad Interactions (pdf)  3 Susan Brooks
Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho, Where Did the Work Ethic Go? (pdf)  3 JoAnne Robinett
What's New? USDA Food Safety Education Resources (pdf)  1 Julie Skolmowski
Increase Your Participation (pdf)  4 Kern Halls
Keys to Successful Cooperative Purchasing for Smaller Districts (ppsx)   Timothy W. Goossens
5-Star Nutrition Education (pdf) 2 Dayle Hayes
The Art of Grant Writing (ppsx)   Melinda Turner

Monday July 12, 2010

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm    
Cutting the Cash from Student Accounts (pdf)  1 Cheryl Meral
The ABC's of Sweetners: A Science-based Discussion (pdf)  2 Tami Ross, RD LD, CDE
David Tuchler
Serving Up Sensible Food and Beverages in Schools (pdf)  3 Kate Link
Simple Solutions for Dealing with Difficult People (pdf)  3 Bart Christian
NSLW 2010: What's on Your Tray? (pdf)  4 Jennifer Lewi
Diane Santoro
A Blueprint for Handling Food Allergies (pdf) 1 Julie Skolomowski
SNA 2010 Legislative Activities and Updates (pdf) 3 Cathy Schuchart
Marshall Matz
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm    
Driving Down Cost in a Challenging Economy (pdf)  1 Maureen Garner
Nutrition Education: Tips & Tricks for Engaging Staff (pdf)  2 Barbara Pyper
Spicing Up Snacks for Better Health (pdf)  2 Craig Johnson
Jennette Palcic
The CN Label What's It Worth to You? (pdf)  3 Patricia Phillips
Jeff Rowe
Barry Sackin
Keys to Growing Local Membership (pdf)  4 Elizabeth Taylor
Who Didn't Eat Today? Reaching Underserved Populations (pdf)  4 Sally Spero
Cool It! Best Practices for Cooling Food in Schools (pdf)  1 Jeannie Snead
Managing Commodity Inventory to Reduce Costs (pdf)  1 Sherry Thackeray
Keys to Local Membership (pdf)  4 Elizabeth Taylor
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm    
College Section Meeting (pdf)    

Tuesday July 13, 2010

8:30 am - 9:30 am    
Biometric Student ID: Practical
Solutions for Accountability and Security
 1 Raymond Fry
Child Nutrition Directors Leaders in Local 
Wellness Policy Implementation
 3 Phyllis Bramson-Paul
Ruth Litchfield
Elaine McDonnell
Mary Frances Nettle
The Forty "Theives" of Foodservice (pdf)  3 Hope Hale
Afterschool Snacking: Resources for You (pdf)  4 Susan Coppess
Dayle Hayes
Presenting Marketing 101 Online (pdf)  4 Elizabeth Campbell
Sandra Ford
Where Our Food Comes From and the Role of Technology (pdf)  1 Lindsey Loving
Improving Direct Certification (pdf)  3 Cynthia Long
Where Our Food Comes from and the Role of Technology (pdf) 1 Jennie Schmidt
9:45 am - 10:45 am    
Food Allergies at School: Policies & Procedures that Work (pdf)  1 Cindy Hormel
Bonnie Johnson
Welcoming Child Nutrition to the Student Achievement
Planning Table
Handout (pdf)
 2 Phyllis Bramson-Paul
Meal of No Meal (pdf)  3 JoAnne Robinett
Big Bang Marketing! (pdf)  4 Sarah Chellberg
NSBW 2011: School Breakfast Detectives (pdf)  4 Susan Coppess
Diane Pratt-Heavner

Food Allergies at School: Policies and Procedures that Work(pdf)
Food Allergies at School: Policies and Procedues that Work Handout (pdf)

1 Cindy Hormal
Bonnie Johnson
Today's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (ppsx)  1 William Wagoner
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm    
All Voices Considered: Unions, Employees,
and Managers Assess Professional Development
 3 Ricardo Gomez
Sarah Kahando
Gloria Santa Anna
Tools for Launching or Expanding Summer Feeding (pdf)  4 Patricia Fitzgerald
Diane Pratt-Heavner
Stephanie Simek
A State Agency Supported NSLP Application: What Could Be Better? (zip)  3 Jennifer Parenteau
Shannon Stember
Alternative Training Methods - Help When You Have No Money (zip)  4 Donna Carver
Debra Williams
Communicating with Tough Nuts (zip)  4 Douglas Wordell
Raising the Bar for Healthy School Meals (pdf)  4 Anna Mae Florence
Outside of the School Lunchbox: Accomodating Students with Special
Dietary Needs
 2 Dianne Hawkins
Julie Lindley
Nicole Notarianni
Christina Smith
Sharon Welborn
Leadership in Community (pdf)   Carey Dabney

Wednesday July 14, 2010

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm    
Nutrition Hot Topics (pdf)  2 Keith-Thomas Ayoob
Partnering with Teachers for Innovative Nutrition Education Programs (pdf)  2 Barbara Berger
Nancy Cathey
I Love Me (pdf)  3 Efrain Guuerrero
Within Reach: An Efficient School Nutrition Supply Chain (pdf)  1 Gary Vonck
Michael Williamson
Benchmark Plans for State Agency (zip)  3 George Sneller
Lynn Harvey
Coordinated School Health: A Model Program (pdf) 3 Jeannie Rios
Tray Talk: How SNA Can Help You Promote Your "Food Revolution" (pdf)   Jennifer Lewi
Diane Pratt-Heavner
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm    
SNA Certification & Credentialing (pdf)  3 Shantal Hall
She Said What? Improving Communication Skills in the Kitchen (pdf)  4 Carol Gilbert
How to Connect to Your Audience (handout) (pdf) 4 Karen Johnson
Value Pass Thoughts: Which Ones are You? (pdf) 1 Sherry Thackeray
3:45 pm - 5:15 pm    
Employee/Manager Section Meeting/ How Happy are You? (pdf)   Efrain Guerroro
District Director/Supervisor Section Meeting (pdf)   Pay McCoy

Section Meetings

Employee/Manager Section Meeting
"How Happy Are You?" (pdf)

State Agency Section Meeting
"Child Nutrition Reauthorization: What You Need To Know" (pdf)

CN Showcase Posters

Nutrition Information at the Point of Selection in High Schools Does Not Affect Purchases (pdf)

Investigation of the Job Functions and Training Needs of State Agency Child Nutrition Professionals (pdf)

Importance of Competencies in Being a Successful School Nutrition Director (pdf)

Exploring Nutrition Literacy and Knowledge Among School Nutrition Managers (pdf)

Implementation of Food Safety Programs: Based on HACCP PRinciples in School Nutrition Programs (pdf)

SNDA III Study Results Indicate Improvements Need in School Meals (pdf)

Usefulness of Four Team Nutrition Resources (pdf)

Eating Right Around The Clock Nutrtition Education in a Tangipahoa Parish Public Elementary School (pdf)


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