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*Participants in the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition program are only allowed to submit three passing PDA tests per year. Each PDA has been aligned to USDA's Professional Standards Learning Codes. 

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Magazine Article Archive

Key Area 1: Nutrition

Article Title   Date of Publication   USDA Professional Standard Code  
 Beyond the Rainbow
 September 2017
 1300: General Nutrition
Vim, Vigor and Vitamins March 2017 1320: General Nutrition
 What's Standard About Standardized Recipes?
November 2016 1140: Writing Standardized Recipes
 Fish Facts for Good Health September 2016  1320: General Nutrition
 The Chickpea Revolution April 2016  1320: General Nutrition 
 The Great Pretender March 2016 1320: General Nutrition
 Cycle Menus 101  November 2015 1120: Cycle Menus
True Blue   May 2015 1320: General Nutrition
What's the Scoop on Sugar?   April 2015  1320: General Nutrition
Spaghetti, Linguine, Rotini, Oh My!   February 2015 1140: Writing Standardized Recipes
A Fine Kettle of Fish   October 2014 1320: General Nutrition
Some FAQs on GMOs   May 2014 1320: General Nutrition
Pick a Pepper   August 2014 1140: Writing Standardized Recipes
Rising to the Occasion With Asian   February 2014 1140: Writing Standardized Recipes

Key Area 2: Operations

Article Title   Date of Publication   USDA Professional Standard Code  
 Kitchen Safety Never Goes Out of Style
December 2017
2620: Operations Food Handler
 Tip Jar: Cash in on Cashier Training Dos and Dont's
August 2017
2300: Cashier and and Point of Service (POS)
Out of the Frying Pan
May 2017
2620: General Food Safety Procedures
 We're Just Sick About It
December 2016
2640: Food Safety Culture
A Look at the (CN) Label August 2016 2150: CN Labeling, Crediting
Get in the Dough!   January 2016 2130: Culinary Skills, Meal Preparation
Take Your Temperature   March 2015 2630: Food Safety Regulations & Guidance
The Science of Baking   December 2014 2230: Maintaining Food Quality & Appearance

Key Area 3: Administration

Article Title   Date of Publication   USDA Professional Standard Code  
Do You Dare to SHARE? November 2017 3250: Manage Water, Energy & Waste
Trash Talk April 2017 3250: Water, Energy & Waste
Let's Be Fair! January 2017 3420: Civil Rights Training
 What a Disaster! June/July 2016   3240: Emergency & Disaster Plans
There's Nothing to Fear May 2016  3260: Administrative Reviews
Bumps, Breaks and Bruises: Staying Safe in School Kitchens February 2016 3450: Employee Health, Safety and Wellness
Turn Cloudy Coworkers Into Sunny Staffers October 2015 3410: Human Resource Management 
Professional Standards: Get Schooled on the Rules August 2015 3420: Personnel Policies and Procedures
Fiscal Lingo for Fledgling Financiers   January 2015 3360: Communicate Financial Information
Every Day Can Be Training Day   November 2014 3430: Training Plans & Tracking
Depression: More Than Just a Bad Day   March 2014 3450: Employee Health, Safety & Wellness

Key Area 4: Communications & Marketing

Article Title   Date of Publication   USDA Professional Standard Code  
Sidestepping Customer Service Traps October 2017 4130: Customer Service
 A Midsummer Meal's Dream
June/July 2017 4120: Program Promotion
Have a No Bummer Summer  February 2017 4120: Program Promotion
Inside the Millennial Mind October 2016 4120: Program Promotion
Signs of the Times December 2015 4120: Program Promotion
Are You Ready to Master Social Media? September 2015 4120: Program Promotion
Cracking the (QR) Code   June/July 2015 4120: Program Promotion
Media Matters   September 2014 4120: Program Promotion
Vehicles of Change   April 2014 4110: Strategy & Marketing Plans
Welcome to the Future   January 2014 4140: Communication Skills

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