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Child Nutrition Reauthorization

The United States Congress began the process of reauthorizing the federal child nutrition programs in early 2003. The process concluded in June 2004 with the passage of reauthorization legislation that will improve both the child nutrition programs and health outcomes for children. Below you will find information on the implementation of the legislation.

Reauthorization Implementation

The enactment of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004  includes a variety of effective dates for the many provisions included in the bill. USDA will be issuing guidance and regulations to comply with the new law.

Implementation News 
7/27/05 AFHK Releases Wellness Policy Tool
6/22/05 SNA Holds First Webinar on Local School Wellness Policies
6/16/05 USDA Issues HACCP Guidance for Schools
5/31/05 CN Reauthorization Implementation Update: HACCP
5/5/05 USDA Issues Implementation Memo on Direct Certification Requirement
3/31/05 SNA Creates Local Wellness Policy Guidelines
3/24/05 FNS Issues Memo on Application Verification Activities
1/5/05 USDA Publishes Proposed Procurement Rule and Posts SFSP Rates 
12/20/04 SNA Outlines School Meal Application Provisions 
12/6/04 SNA Clarifies Dairy Provisions in Reauthorization Series 
11/9/04 SNA Explains New Local Wellness Policies Requirement 
10/13/04 Sackin to Discuss Reauthorization Implementation in Online Chat 
6/25/04 Passed Legislation to Strengthen CN Programs, ASFSA Analyzes Bill 

Public Law 108-265 (in Adobe Acrobat format)
Reauthorization legislation as passed by the House and Senate in June 2004.

CRS Releases Section-by-Section Analysis of Reauthorization (in Adobe Acrobat format)
The Congressional Research Service released its section-by-section analysis of the recently enacted Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004. The analysis complements the chart prepared by School Nutrition Association.

CBPP Charts Reauthorization Changes (in Adobe Acrobat format)
The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington D.C. think tank that analyzes federal economic and budget issues, has prepared a chart of changes to certification and verification requirements enacted in P.L. 108-265. The chart is a convenient way for school districts to determine changes they need to make to their processes and procedures to comply with the new law.

SNA (formerly ASFSA) Analysis of Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 (in Adobe Acrobat format)
Analysis by provision of the reauthorization bill as signed into law.

SNA Analysis of Procurement Rule of Reauthorization Act (in Adobe Acrobat format)
Analysis of procurement provision of the reauthorization bill.

Reauthorization Guidance

USDA: Reauthorization Memoranda 2004
USDA guidance website.

The memos below are in Adobe Acrobat format.


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