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Bridges to Wellness is designed to help connect school meals and classroom learning. Key elements of success for Bridges to Wellness include:

  • Teaching the classroom lessons (can be taught by teachers or school nutrition staff)
  • Implementing activities both during and outside of classroom time.
  • Following up with students 1-2 weeks later on activities intended for out of the classroom as indicated in the lessons.
  • Coordinating with cafeteria managers in each school to plan and implement cafeteria connections.
  • Ensuring that your wellness team or wellness committee knows that you are using this material. Will we provide templates for use?
  • Following up on student suggestions and input for cafeteria menus or other cafeteria offerings.

These links provide specific suggestions for planning, partnering with teachers, and communicating with key stakeholder groups

Getting Started: Preparing to Implement Bridges to Wellness
Partnering Effectively with Teachers
Tips for Contacting Teachers
Talking Points for Key Stakeholders


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