Preparing for the SNS Exam


Those who meet the exam eligibility requirements should expect to spend 3-4 months preparing for this comprehensive exam. The SNS Credentialing Exam is comprised of 200 multiple choice questions and candidates have four hours to complete it.


Exam Prep Tips: 

Exam candidates may have been away from a test-taking environment for sometime, therefore, it is recommended that candidates:

  • Begin preparing for the exam as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute and cramming is discouraged.
  • Review the content/knowledge areas that are understood and used on a daily basis.
  • Plan in-depth study and preparation for those content/knowledge areas that are less familiar.
  • Notice the percentage weight and number of questions per content/knowledge area. Those areas with a high percentage of questions are a significant portion of the exam, and therefore, require more time of study.
  • Use of the SNS Credentialing Exam Handbook alone will not guarantee passing the SNS Credentialing Exam.
  • Review the Exam Resource List. Thorough reading, study, and understanding is necessary to achieve a passing score on the exam. Study efforts should cover the resources listed.
  • Use the sample questions included in the SNS Credentialing Exam Handbook for practice. The sample questions are NOT part of the SNS exam.
  • Form a study group with other exam candidates in the area. Interacting with other exam candidates and discussing the content outline of the exam can be helpful.
  • Contact a School Nutrition Specialist at the local chapter or at the State Affiliate for mentoring.


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