Local Wellness Policies Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find guidelines for the Local Wellness Policy?

  1. Click on the following link to download a PDF file titled "Model Guidelines for Healthy and Wellness":
  2. You can access the "SNA Local Wellness Policy Guidelines" here.
  3. Click on the Resource link under SNA’s LWP page to view resources from other organizations.

Where can I find SNA’s template and sample wellness policies?

  1. You can access the “SNA Local Wellness Policy Template ” here.
  2. You can access sample policies collected from school districts around the country here.

Where can I find Local Wellness Policy PowerPoint Presentations?

  1. On the Local Wellness Policy section of SNA’s website, you can download a PowerPoint presentation titled: Overview of the Local Wellness Policy. This presentation can be customized for your district.
  2. Through the SNA Emporium, you may purchase the Wellness CD, which includes the presentation from SNA’s Local Wellness Policy held in 2005 throughout the nation as well as a wealth of other local wellness policy resources and tools.

How do I get support from fundraising groups or principals?

Through research and programming at the national, state, and local levels, SNA has identified the following strategies for success in gaining support from administrators and fundraising groups:

  • Provide ideas of fundraising that are consistent with wellness policy recommendations.
  • Demonstrate where possible that alternate fundraising would not resultin groupslosing funds.
  • Where possible these groups should be brought into the wellness policy development process early on to increase their support from the beginning.

Where can I find a list of acceptable snacks and alternatives to sell for fundraisers?

On the Local Wellness Policy Section of SNA’s website, you can access several fundraising resources.

Where can I find information about schools that have successfully implemented wellness programs?

  1. Because the deadline for passing the law is July 1, 2006, many school districts are just beginning to implement policies. SNA is actively collecting information from school districts on the implementation phase to identify successful strategies.
  2. Making It Happen, a publication developed by USDA and CDC includes success stories from school districts around the country as well as research of policies from around the country.


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