Membership Awards


State affiliates are given awards for increasing membership statewide, reaching the state affiliate’s membership growth, and achieving the highest growth in membership amongst states within the same membership division.

Below are the specific awards given to state affiliates for these achievements:

Membership Goal Award

Every year a membership goal for the association overall and for each state affiliate is determined based on recent membership trends by the Member Services Committee with the approval of SNA’s Executive Board. Each state that meets its membership goal (of a 5% increase) for the year is awarded $300.

Increasing Membership Award

States whose membership increases over the previous May are awarded $2 per every increase in members to a maximum of $200.

Membership Growth Award

In order to provide equal opportunity for states of different sizes, states are divided into three divisions. Division membership will be based on May 31 membership numbers of the previous year.

  • 1 to 500 members
  • 501 to 1,000 members
  • 1,001 members and above

Within each division of states, two awards will be presented.

  • One for the largest number increase.
  • One for the largest percentage increase.

For more information on membership awards, click here.


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