SNA’s School District Owned Membership: Maximize the Value of SNA Membership for Your School District



The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF), in partnership with the School Nutrition Association (SNA), hosted a webinar maximizing the value of an SNA membership for your school district.

Did you know that SNA’s School District Owned Membership (SDM) option enables you to pay for and transfer memberships when a staff member leaves the district? Join us for our discussion on SDMs and learn all about this membership option and how it can be of value to your district and school nutrition staff. A SDM is a membership that is owned by a school district in the name of an individual that is transferable to another employee in the same membership category. This has been an extremely successful program for SNA, now accounting for over 20% of total SNA memberships, with over 800 districts participating. Many school districts nationwide have attested that SDM has proven to be a great advantage, allowing them to maintain valuable memberships in SNA, while providing their staff the opportunity to stay informed on all the latest school nutrition news and SNA’s educational offerings. During this webinar, hear from districts that are using this membership option and about the many benefits of SDM. Learn how to get started and what steps to take to sign up your members in SDM. Plus, get all of your questions about SDM answered by our experts, SNA staff.



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