CNIC 2007 - Presentations


Child Nutrition Industry Conference 2007

The 2007 Child Nutrition Industry Conference (CNIC) took place in Tucson, Arizona at the Hilton El Conquistador Hotel. This annual meeting of operators and industry representatives is an exciting conference geared to help you brainstorm fresh, new strategies and solutions to meet the many demands of an ever-changing business environment.

These Executive Summaries capture the key messages from each general session at CNIC and present this important information in a simple, clear, and compelling way designed to make the information more memorable and useful for attendees, and easy for attendees to share with others in their organizations.

Meeting Coverage

Session Title Presenter File
Hurdles To Making The Numbers Work Chuck Robinson Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Hurdles to Making the Numbers Work Tom LeBuhn Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Marketing Opportunity Areas Jen Lewi Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Supply Chain David Richard Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Sustainability in Action Hunter Lovins Download File (MS PowerPoint)
The Financial Crunch Peggy Lee Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Generations at Work Claire Raines Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
The Power of Approachability Scott Ginsberg Download File (Adobe Acrobat)



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