Volume 33, Issue 2, Fall 2009


 Volume 33, Issue 2, Fall, 2009

Editor’s Note

Reviewer Recognition


Characteristics and Qualities Needed for Success by School Nutrition Directors
Keith Rushing, PhD, RD; Mary Frances Nettles, PhD, RD; James T. Johnson, PhD

Perceptions of School Nutrition Directors and Managers Regarding Their Role in School Wellness
Wendy Bounds Stinson, PhD, RD; Kristi Lofton, PhD, RD

Operational Issues Encountered by School Nutrition Directors in School Districts with Less Than 30,000 Student Enrollment
Keith Rushing, PhD, RD; Mary Frances Nettles, PhD, RD; James T. Johnson, PhD

Competency-Based Performance Appraisals: Improving Performance Evaluations of School Nutrition Managers and Assistants/Technicians
Evelina W. Cross, PhD, RD; Amelia Estepa Asperin, PhD; Mary Frances Nettles, PhD, RD

Milk Enhancements Improve Milk Consumption and Increase Meal Participation in the NSLP: The School Milk Pilot Test
Karen Rafferty, RD, LMNT; Diane Zipay, SNS; Camellia Patey, MS, RD, SNS; Jennifer Meyer, RD, LMNT

Comparison of Nutrient Content and Cost of Home-Packed Lunches to Reimbursable School Lunch Nutrient Standards and Prices
Cara M. Johnson, MS, RD; Carolyn Bednar, PhD, RD; Junehee Kwon, PhD, RD; Alissa Gustof, MS, RD

Recess Before Lunch in Elementary Schools: Development of a Best Practice Checklist
Alice Jo Rainville, PhD, RD, CHE, SNS; Kristi L. Lofton, PhD, RD; Deborah H. Carr, PhD, RD


2009 Child Nutrition Showcase Research Abstracts


NFSMI Summary of Research
Mary Frances Nettles, PhD, RD


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