CNIC 2009 - WNFY Sessions


CNIC 2009 - WNFY

Attention Industry!  Do you have new products that have been introduced to the school market in the past year? Thirty corporations will have the opportunity to share their latest and greatest innovations in products and services to our food service professionals in 30-minute sessions at the 2009 CNIC in New Orleans, LA – Sheraton New Orleans on January 18 – 20, 2009.  Don’t miss this prime marketing showcase.  Sessions will be sold on a first-come, first served basis.  The WNFY Sessions are sold out.  For more information, please contact the Meetings Department at 800/877-8822 or

The following companies will be participating in WNFY Sessions during CNIC 2009: AccuTemp Products, Advance Food Company, Barilla America, Chicken of the Sea International, Colorpoint/Low Temp Industries, ConAgra Foods, Cool School Café, Duke Manufacturing. East Side Entrees, General Mills, Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, J&J Snack Foods, Jennie-O Turkey Store, J.O.Y. Foods, Kellogg’s Away From Home, Kraft Foods, Land O’Lakes, McCain & Dole (doing a joint project), Multiteria. Notables by Mission Nutrition (MelloSmello), NutriKids, Otis Spunkmeyer, Pierre Foods, Schwan’s  Food Service, Simplot, Smucker Foodservice, Suarez Corporation, Tetra Pak, Traulsen (Hobart), and Tyson Foods

You’ll receive these benefits:

  • A private meeting room and dedicated time for your presentation.
  • Thirty minutes of undivided attention with leading school nutrition directors.
  • Instant feedback from the nation’s most knowledgeable school nutrition directors.
  • Great networking opportunities with customers.
  • Your name and product listed in the onsite program and on SNA’s website.
  • A list of all school nutrition directors attending this year’s conference.

The following companies participated in WNFY Sessions during CNIC 2008: ADM, Advance Food Company, Blue Ridge Paper Products, ConAgra Foods, Cool School Café, East Side Entrees, General Mills Bakeries & Foodservice, Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, Hobart, Horizon Software International, LLC, J & J Snack Foods Corp, JTM Food Group, Kellogg’s Food Away From Home, Kraft Foods, Land O’ Lakes Dairy Foods, Leahy-IFP, Metro, Multiteria, NutriKids, Nutri-Link Technologies, Otis Spunkmeyer, Inc., PCS Revenue Control Systems, Perdue Farms, Rich Products, School-Link Technologies, Seaside Foods & Supplies, Simplot, Schwan’s Food Service, Tyson Foods and Ventura.

What's New For You Sessions

Sunday, January 18 – 1:30pm – 2:00pm

Company: Chicken of the Sea International
Room: Edgewood AB

Contact: Kirby McLaren
Telephone: (858)597-4517;
Description: Tuna Salad cups containing 2oz protein, 106oz heat & serve shelf stable meal solutions in four flavors: BBQ, Chipotle, Veracruz & Tunitaliano.

Company: J.O.Y. Foods
Room: Nottoway

Contact: Lena Wilson
Telephone: (972) 296-8575;
Description: Amazio’s Pizza Line!  New whole grain pizza line including turkey pepperoni and supreme pizza for the school market.

Company: Kraft Foods
Room: Bayside A
Contact: Diane Striegel
Telephone: (973) 503-2667;
Description: Kraft Foodservice meeting the needs of the school segment through new products and services under the quality brands of Nabisco, Oscar Mayer, Capri Sun, Bull's Eye and more. 

Company:  Pierre Foods
Room: Bayside B

Contact: Glenn Roberts
Telephone: (513) 874-8741, ext. 686;
Description: New Kettle Cook Creations from Pierre Foods. A premium line of meat, pasta and cheese sauces designed specifically for the school market.  Available in commercial and commodity format.

Company: Tyson Foods
Room: Bayside C

Contact: Barbara Jirka, PhD, SNS
Telephone: 479/290-7944;
Description: Tyson introduces all beef 1.75 oz Mini Burgers.  This on-trend mini provides 1oz M/MA to entice teens into your lunch program.  Now You’re Talk’n!

Sunday, January 18 – 3:45pm - 4:15pm

Company: ConAgra Foods
Room: Edgewood AB
Contact: Tina Bulle
Telephone: (937)440-2958;
Description: We’ve put a new twist on wholesome nutrition and great taste with our new Twisted Stix and Whole Grain Pizza Quesadilla products.

Company: J. M. Smucker Foodservice
Room: Nottoway

Contact: Lacha Noward
Telephone: (330) 684-3671;
Description: Come learn about and taste our new whole grain products that are approved by the Whole Grains Council, and designed to meet school meal pattern requirements. Smucker’s® Snack ‘n Waffles™ are available in three kid-pleasing flavors―Maple, Cinnamon and Blueberry. Smucker’s® Uncrustables® Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly sandwiches offer the nutritional value of 100% whole wheat bread, with the same look and great taste of white bread.

Company: Land O’Lakes
Room: Bayside A

Contact: Cheryl Isberner
Telephone: (800) 766-1661;
Description: Try our new cheese products designed to help operators meet their ever-increasing nutritional and flavor demands.

Company: Otis Spunkmeyer
Room: Bayside B

Contact: Chris Holmquist
Telephone: (800) 938-1900;
Description: Otis Spunkmeyer, the #1-selling frozen cookie dough in K-12, offers pre-baked muffins, brownies and other gourmet baked goods, including our new reduced-fat, 100% whole-grain cookie dough.

Company: Dole & McCain Foods
Room: Bayside C

Contact: Stuart McAllister & Don Moos
Telephone: (818) 874-4785 / and (630) 857-4420 /
Description: Escambia County Schools (FL), The Alliance For a Healthier Generation, Dole Packaged Foods and McCain Foods USA share a case study of staff training, tools and menu ideas to create healthier fresher meals.

Monday, January 19 – 9:45am – 10:15am

Company: General Mills
Room: Edgewood AB

Contact: Kim Main
Telephone: (763) 293-1273;
Description: Discover how General Mills’ new tools can help make your breakfast program easier and try our new products – Pillsbury Mini Pancakes and Cereal on-the-go!

Company: Kellogg’s Away From Home
Room: Nottoway

Contact: Ryan Malone
Telephone: (630) 956-9703;
Description: Welcome to the Kellogg’s K-12 H.U.B.! Enjoy a sneak preview of new 2009-10 products, programs and tools designed to help you increase your student participation.
Company: Notables by Mission Nutrition (Mello Smello)
Room: Bayside A

Contact: Sarah Lindberg
Telephone: (763) 504-5400;
Description: A new nutritionally conscious and eco-sensitive grab ‘n go breakfast solution for schools.

Company: Tetra Pak
Room: Bayside B

Contact: Vanessa Solmaz
Telephone: (847) 955-600;
Description: Compliment your school food service program with great tasting, shelf stable dairy products including milk, lactose free milk, soymilk and smoothies.

Company:  Advance Food Company
Room: Bayside C
Contact: Shari Mueller
Telephone: (888) 890-6836;
Description: Sweet Potato Cinnamon Pancakes – 3.5 inch round pancake made with sweet potatoes and a hint of cinnamon, great health benefits, superior quality, wholesome goodness, heat and serve.

Monday, January 19 – 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Company: Colorpoint/Low Temp
Room: Edgewood AB
Contact: Greg Chance
Telephone: (770) 478-8803;
Description: New state of the art energy efficient “Hot or Cold” drip in units available, now with the flick of a switch.

Company: Cool School Cafe
Room: Nottoway

Contact: Melissa Maier
Telephone: (763) 262-3150;
Description: Cool U Café encourages improved nutrition + increased activity = better performance with an exciting new promotion.

Company: Suarez Corporation
Room: Bayside A

Contact: Michael Puterbaugh
Telephone: (330) 494-5504, ext. 8740;
Description: The Protein Tastees are a protein based cracker designed as a nutritious alternative to junk food.  Containing 9 grams of protein per serving, they com in corn chip and cracker form.

Room: Bayside B
Contact: Mary Ryan
Telephone: (800) 724-9853;
Description: NUTRIKIDS Production Site Lite allows entry of projected and actual production quantities at the school site.  Size recipes, print production records and shopping lists without data modification.

Company:  Traulsen (Hobart)
Room: Bayside C
Contact: John Davis
Telephone: (817) 740-6774;
Description: Traulsen will focus on the application and operation of our Rethermalization Ovens. Further, we will touch on systems that result from using Retherm Ovens and Transportation Carts in school operations.”

Tuesday, January 20 – 9:00am-9:30am

Company: Rich Products
Room: Edgewood AB 
Contact: Shirley Brown
Telephone: (559) 227- 9265;

Company: Duke Manufacturing
Room: Nottoway

Contact: Jim Klimt
Telephone: (314) 231-1130;
Description: As an industry leader, Duke Manufacturing will feature and discuss how to increase participation and revenue, while serving and holding food safety for American children.

Company: East Side Entrees
Room: Bayside A

Contact: JoJo Landow
Telephone: (516) 682-5494;
Description: Silent Hero Grant Program for Summer Foodservice and Breakfast in Classroom program.  The Silent Hero Grant Program provides an exciting opportunity for school districts nationwide to expand their breakfast programs and/or summer feeding programs, while increasing their reach in feeding at risk children.  Grants are being offered to school districts around the country that are interested in implementing a Breakfast in Classroom or Alternate Site Breakfast Program. Individually Wrapped baked stuffed sandwiches.  New, delicious stuffed sandwiches are available individually wrapped in an ovenable film.  Perfect for main line lunches and a la carte programs.

Company: Multiteria 
Room: Bayside B

Contact: Mike Purcell
Telephone: (770) 753-2686;
Description: Multiteria will showcase the latest concept in serving stations with a turnkey package that demonstrates the necessary equipment, ingredient lists and SOP to make it happen in any district. 

Company: Simplot
Room: Bayside C

Contact: Mary Kalousek
Telephone: (208) 384-8296;
Description: Strawberry filled school smart pancake pods are perfect for school breakfast and snack programs.  They’re individually wrapped and don’t need to be heated.  Serve anywhere!

Tuesday, January 20 – 3:00pm-3:30pm

Company: Barilla America
Room: Edgewood AB
Contact: Michele Malo
Telephone: (847) 444-4640;
Description: Barilla’s whole grain pasta will launch in bulk for foodservice October 2008.  It contains 51% whole wheat and is labeled with the whole grain stamp.

Company: Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers
Room: Nottoway

Contact: Pat Shanahan
Telephone: (206) 913-3930;
Description: Serve affordable, nutritious seafood on your menu.  Learn mew budget-stretching strategies to offer healthy seafood entrees, while maintaining quality.

Company: Jennie-O Turkey
Room: Bayside A

Contact: Sarah Anderson
Telephone: (800) 328-1756;
Description: Jennie-O Turkey, the leader in turnkey burgers, is introducing a precooked, commodity processed turkey burger that delivers the great taste and favorable nutritional profile your students expect.

Company: J & J Snack Foods
Room: Bayside B

Contact: Mimi Ford
Telephone: (800) 486-9533;
Description: J&J Snack Foods / Country Home present excellent menu components & outstanding wellness items providing profitable A la Carte $$. Many new whole grains, no added sugars or HFCS and No Trans fat. Sample new products and preview new initiatives.

Company: Schwan’s Foodservice, Inc.
Room: Bayside C

Contact: Mary Begalle
Telephone: (888) 494-5045;
Description: Expand your menu variety with innovative “Products that Rock” like Asian breakfast and uniquely-sized lunch entrees.  Meet the Hunger Heroes – students by day and rockers by night, who use their music to raise awareness about the fight against global child hunger.


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