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USDA Has Released the School Nutrition Dietary Assessment Study IV

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USDA Food and Nutrition Service has released the latest School Nutrition Dietary Assessment Study.  The report provides a comparison of the nutritional quality of school meals between SY 2009−2010, SY 2004−2005, and SY 1998−1999.  As in prior studies, the nutrient content of the average meals offered and served in the Nation’s schools was compared with regulatory standards in effect at the time—the School Meal Initiative (SMI) nutrition standards—as well as selected recommendations included in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

A selection of key highlights are: 

  •  85% of schools offered lunches that met standards for key nutrients (protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron).
  •  82% of elementary schools, 95% of middle schools, and 90% of high schools had a la carte offerings available at lunch.
  • For both lunches offered and served, a larger share of HUSSC elementary schools met the SMI standards for calories, vitamin C, and iron, on average, than elementary schools nationwide.
  • Vending machines were widely available in high schools (85 %), somewhat less common in middle schools (67 %), and rare in elementary schools (13 %).
  • More than 80% of school districts had a ban or restriction related to sweetened beverages and more than 75% had a ban or restriction related to snack foods.

Click here for the full report as well as the report summary.


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