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The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management Announces New Editor

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August 7, 2013 – The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management, SNA’s twice-yearly, peer-reviewed research journal, is pleased to announce its new editor, Carolyn M. Bednar, PhD, RD/LD, CFCS, professor in the Department of Food & Nutrition Sciences at Texas Woman’s University. Bednar also has served as a member of SNA’s Research Committee from 2007-12 and as the associate editor for Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal since 2006.

SNA extends its appreciation to Marilyn Briggs, PhD, RD, SNS, co-director, Center for Nutrition in Schools, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis, and Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, PhD, University of California Cooperative Extension specialist and lecturer, who have served as the Journal’s editor and executive editor, respectively, since 2011.

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The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management

CDC Reports that Obesity Rates Declined Among Low-Income Preschoolers

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August 6, 2013 – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that obesity among low-income preschoolers dropped slightly in 19 states and U.S. territories from 2008 to 2011.

According to the CDC, obese children are more likely to become obese adults and suffer lifelong physical and mental health problems. Obesity rates in low-income preschoolers, after decades of rising, began to level off from 2003 through 2008, and now are showing small declines in many states. The report found that the obesity rate in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, South Dakota and the U.S. Virgin Islands declined at least one percentage point. Rates in 20 states and Puerto Rico held steady, and rates in several states—including Colorado, Tennessee and Pennsylvania—increased. Researchers said the states where obesity rates have declined have taken action to incorporate healthy eating and active living into children’s lives. 

To read the article found in The Washington Post, click here. For more statistics on childhood obesity, visit the CDC website

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