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SNA Seeks Comments on Proposed MealPattern Standards

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USDA issued a rule on the proposed meal pattern standards on January 13, 2011, starting a 90 day comment period.  All comments on the proposed meal pattern requirements are due by April 13, 2011.  SNA is currently drafting official comments to submit prior to the April 13th deadline.

SNA has convened an 11 person task force, headed by Vice President Helen Phillips, to review, discuss and draft SNA’s official comments on the proposed meal pattern requirements.  The Task Force on Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs met from February 15-16th, to begin this process.

There are several opportunities for you to contribute to SNA’s official comments.  Please leave your thoughts and concerns inthe comments section below this story.  Task Force members will continually monitor the comments submitted.  

There will also be two opportunities at LAC for you to voice your ideas.  SNA members will be able to address attending LAC Task Force members during the timeframe of 5:30-6:30 PM (Rayburn Room ofthe J.W. Marriott) on Sunday, March 6th.  During the closing general session onWednesday, March 9th, LAC attendees will have an opportunity to speak with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and other USDA officials on the issues affecting the proposed meal pattern standards.  In addition, over 6 hours of general session time will be dedicated to discussing the proposed meal pattern standards and the new Child Nutrition Reauthorization law. 

SNA members will also have an opportunity to remark on the draft comments, expected to be posted inmid-March.  

Below are links to several resources that will help you understand the proposed meal pattern requirements. 

Proposed Meal Pattern Standards 

Summary of the Proposed Meal Pattern Standards

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