SNA Leadership Delivers Motivating Speeches at ANC


When newly elected SNA President Julia Bauscher, SNS, took center stage to address the Association’s membership at its recent Annual National Conference (ANC) in Boston, the classic Pointer Sisters’ song, “I’m so Excited,” emanated from the speakers. A fitting tune, as Bauscher conveyed that she is so excited about the “wonderful profession of school nutrition!”

Bauscher, a Kentucky native, delivered a high-energy, motivating incoming address by first pointing out the motto on the state flag, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” which she remarked, “is very appropriate for the times we are living in.” Later she described her theme for the coming year — Engage. Energize. Excel! — and challenged the attendees to follow her lead. Bauscher stated, “When you think about it, these three verbs cover everything we do as school nutrition professionals. One leads to the other in a continual circle of improvement! So, I encourage you in the coming weeks and months to reach out to people you don’t know and engage them in personal and professional conversations. These new connections will energize you as you discover new friends and new ideas to bring back to your own district. Finally, applying these fresh ideas to your programs will help you excel in all regards!”

Click here to watch SNA President Julia Bauscher’s speech in its entirety.

SNA CEO Patricia Montague and outgoing SNA President Leah Schmidt provided ANC attendees with an update and background on SNA’s public policy efforts, including most recently working with legislators to have four concerns addressed as part of the 2015 Agriculture Appropriation bill currently making its way through Congress. They stressed that while SNA does not know what the final bill will look like, they are hopeful that its four requests will be discussed, debated and included. They are:

  • Maintain the 2012 requirement that 50% of grains served be whole grain rich, instead of pushing forward new mandates for 100%.
  • Maintain Target 1 sodium levels, and suspend further reductions until scientific research supports them.
  • To avoid food waste, offer, but do not require students to take a fruit or vegetable.
  • Allow healthy items permitted on the meal line to be sold a la carte as well.

Montague relayed, “There have been false claims that SNA doesn’t care about kids, that we are gutting the program and that we are doing this for industry… As the staff leader of this organization I understand these attacks come with the job. But all of you toiling day in and day out — doing your best to ensure your students have the nourishment they need to be successful, on a very limited budget — you should be given the respect and deference that you so rightly deserve.”

Schmidt followed-up by stating, “There are probably some of you here today whose school meals programs have not been as negatively impacted as others for various reasons…However, there are many of your fellow members who are not as fortunate. I ask you to put yourselves in their shoes and ask what you would do: if your job was on the line; if you had to cut more staff, if you were getting pressure from your superintendent and school board who don’t understand the complexities of these programs.”

All of the remarks from SNA’s leadership resonated with the audience, as attendees applauded and cheered throughout their speeches, and Bauscher received a standing ovation at the conclusion of her speech.

“The road we’re on right now as school nutrition professionals may not be an easy one, but we’re on it together, and knowing that we want to nourish our students to be healthy and successful makes our efforts worth it. Thank you and I wish you a wonderful year ahead,” Bauscher enthused.

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