Clothing and Gear for Running Routines

A perk of choosing running as your preferred method of exercise is that you need minimal specialized gear to get started. That said, investing in certain items can make your run a little more comfortable! As stated in ”Ready, Set, Run!” in the January 2016 issue of School Nutrition, purchasing running shoes is non-negotiable – they help prevent injuries and make your run more comfortable, free from aches and pains. The rest of these suggestions, though, are up to you. Here are some pieces of gear and clothing you might consider:

On Your Head: Generally speaking, you probably won’t wear anything on your head while running (unless you’re the type to don a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes). In the winter, though, when the temperatures drop drastically, pick up a hat that’s made with thermal fabric and is lightweight and warm.

On Top: When it’s nice outside, simply don a moisture-wicking T-shirt or tank top. You don’t want to wear cotton tees, which get wet and smelly from sweat very easily. Technical fabrics, such as DriFit will keep you dry. For the women in our crowd, particularly bustier ones, a supportive sports bra is essential.

On Bottom: The same principles apply here—stick with tech fabrics that will keep you dry. Make sure the pants fit snugly around your waist; the last thing you want to do is continually hike up your pants during a run.

On Your Feet: Skip 100% cotton socks, which will hold in moisture and lead to blisters and stinky feet. Pick up moisture-wicking socks made of a synthetic blend that offer arch support.

Reflective Gear: If you plan to run at night, look into reflective running vests or hats, or purchase a headlamp so cars and people can easily spot you.

Finally, when you head out, make sure you’re not overdressed. In general, you should dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer than it actually is to accommodate for your body heating up during exercise. Therefore, if it’s 50 degrees outside, dress as if it’s 70 degrees.

If you have more questions, Runner’s World is a go-to source. Visit, and enter your gender, temperature, time of day and other conditions, and they’ll offer a complete outfit for that day’s run. 

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